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  1. komphwasf
    The problem with fashion is that it only looks good to the people who know how expensive it is

    Fashion isn’t expensive unless you are easily sucked into certain brand’s creative marketing campaigns.

    No, fashion is DANGER!

    Stupid? Looks funny to me.

    Fashion is art! It is not stupid.

    This is the exact problem with art. It’s been debated for thousands of years ‘what is art?’. If you just waive your hands and say anyone with a sowing machine is an artist, then you end up with this crap. Of course, you could go all ’emperors new clothes’ on me and say I’m just not smart enough to see the ‘vision’ or the ‘passion’ it took to create this stuff. Note that I’m not saying that all fashion is crap, but a lot of it sure looks like it.

    You are not smart enough to spelling sewing right, so what makes you qualified to judge high fashion as crap? What is art? Easily answered. If you say it is art, then it is. If plebeians like you debate it’s right to call it art, then it is Art. High fashion is Art.

    You have to understand, my dear fellow Redditors, that many of these designers are creating something not to be worn “down the street” (as someone else here said) but they are making an artistic and fashion statement.

    For example, the designer of this doesn’t expect people to walk around like that but they actually propose the whole “goth/dark” style.

    I realise that most of these may seem too extreme or crazy to be worn but usualy they get modified before their buyers wear them.

    Fashion is a mixed bag. Some of those pieces look pretty awesome (not for wearing down the street, obviously, but in an artistic sense). And some of those pieces look like utter crap.

    fashion is like religion, if you follow it will illude you to be better than anyone else.

    Fashion is a self-enclosed world where it only makes sense to those who know and care about the rules, i.e., those working in the fashion industry.

  2. Yes, Fashion IS art.
    But that being said, I personally would never wear any of these “haute couture” or “high fashion” clothes.
    All of the clothes on this website are hideously ugly.
    I would never be caught dead wearing any of these garments in public.

    I don’t know anyone who looks good wearing “high fashion”.

  3. What a great blog! So happy to know I’m not the only person who believes fashion (except for the fun creative part, working with textures & colors & such ) is nothing more than a reason for people to be gluttonous consumers, always competing with what’s new and what’s not. Great to see all the ridiculousness gathered together.

  4. Wodewick

    So what if fashion is art? Art is stupid.
    There was a time when art was intelligent. Now art has become just like fashion. Stupid.

    • Brandon

      Totally agreed. My wife and I look for art every year at San Francisco’s Open Studio where artists show and sell their wares. Just like “high fashion” the artists sell crap ugly shit to make their point, but nothing I’d love to gaze at over the fireplace. WAKE UP ARTISTS! If you want me to buy your artwork, it should be pleasant to view instead of a 1000 baby heads floating in a pickle jar. Stupid.

  5. Amanda

    I came across this through a google search for debates on the art of fashion and I know there hasn’t been a comment in quite a few months but I hope someone see’s this.
    And yes, fashion is very much so art. I don’t wear designer clothes, I can’t afford them I’m 16 but I admire them!
    Just like an artist would splash colour over a canvas a fashion designer will cover material with colour, beads, jewels, patterns or other materials. Are you seriously going to try and say that Paco Rabanne is not an artist? he introduced the use of unconventional material like plastic and metal to make a dress. A dress is every bit as much as sculpture as a statue. People pay thousands for art on canvas’s, and they can’t even wear that. Surely it’s more for your money if you can wear it and accessorize it to what suits you?
    Disagree if you like, but if you refuse to think fashion is art you haven’t seen any Marchesa dresses, they’re beautiful. Surely creating an image of beauty or expression of any kind is art?
    I don’t care if you think I’m stupid for being interested in such things, art is NOT stupid. Imagine how ugly this world would be without art? Art has no limit, it is subjective and personal to it’s creator.

    • Hi Amanda,
      Thanks for taking the time to add your thoughts. The thing is- I don’t think that all fashion is stupid. I do think it’s art and that art is really important. I don’t want our world to be like Orwell’s 1984, everyone just wearing blue jumpsuits. Plus, would I have spent thousands on a wedding gown if I didn’t care? Thing is, I just hate how seriously the industry takes itself and how bad it makes people feel about themselves. Plus, I can’t help but laugh at so much of it. If the models/ designers would just smile, I might not want to rip it to shreds. But when they price some ridiculous garbage at $10,000, a garment that took no craftsmanship, creativity or skill to produce, and then they put it on a model who is posing with this really serious, posh face… I just can’t help but think of the extremes in life… like a starving person somewhere who doesn’t even have water, let alone a shirt… So, not all fashion is stupid- but come on- have you seen the penis pants?? maybe it should be http://www.alotoffashionisstupid.com?

  6. Michelle

    Fashion is an art you can wear.
    And art is an important form of self-expression, it’s also what some people are very passionate about.
    I don’t think it’s fair that this site only posts the low and ridiculous points of high fashion.
    It’s insanely biased.

  7. I really enjoy reading your blog and I am looking forward to more of your posts

  8. I’m going to tell all my mates about this groovy little blog just just cause I like it . In my opinion I reckon it’s pretty different & just a tiny bit funky, which to my mind is refreshing. I’m going to flag it as a favorite. It’s a shame most blogs aren’t similar to this one?

  9. Quite an enjoyable blog indeed. Your attitude to fashion and trends resembles mine. Keep it going and enlighten all those dull-witted fashionistas crowding the internet. http://trendless.org

  10. I don’t think you understand the point behind it. Fashion is walking art. In no means dull-witted. Then again its your opinion, just know fashion is not all about idiotic snobby designers… there is a lot more to it. Don’t be so narrow minded.

  11. I went to art school in London. Fashion students are abnoxious, they dress like freaks (new wave emo thing), and 99% of them have rich parents and no clue about real hard work or art.

  12. Anonymous

    This is sad really. People calling this crap “Art”. I suppose it’s the art of making attractive people look really stupid and really ugly. Why can’t people do something productive with their lives? Like study the cosmos, or design a bridge or help needy children. And to those critiquing this site for being biased. I believe the URL is “Fashionisstupid.com”. If you weren’t so far up your own ass, then you’d be able to take things with a pinch of salt. Fashion is not an art. Can people enjoy a dress that they DIDN’T make? That they will NEVER wear? Fashion is like modern art. Boring, pretentious and completely lacking in thought.

    I could have fucking done that. Sold for $159.4 million
    Call me narrow minded, call me a philistine. I don’t care. I appreciate true art. The art in science, the art in Paul Cezanne, van gogh and in music. The things that are actually beautiful and can invoke real emotions in real people who just aren’t in it to make a name for themselves.

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